For Customers
According to statistics in recent years, more and more women are generously endowed by nature with large breasts and slim figure. For more than 15 years the brand “RIM” is taking care for them by meeting the specific requirements of their clients. The brand wins the market with its high criterion for quality on materials and production. About 80% of its production is with cup D and DD in size from 75 to 110.

Bras are designed with special materials, cuts and strengthening to ensure comfort and sexiness. The straps in some models are padded with foam and cotton which ensures comfort and stability of the product. Many of the models besides cups D and DD are produced also in cup B.

"BLACK ANGEL" line offers models mostly in black, or with embroidery in silver grey lurex.

“IRIS” line is produced by embroidered lace with its own design, developed specially for the brand by an Austrian company. Colors are white black and caramel. The elegant motifs in Art deco style add glamour and sexiness of the female body.

“ANGELIC” line is made of fine elastic jaquardtronic lace, which softly embraces the body without any sense of discomfort. It is offered in 3 colors - black white and champagne.

“INNOCENCE” line offers models made of sheer lace fabric in tender flower motifs with curls and satin bands which create a sense of innocence and romance.

Floriated lingerie with luxurious embroidery in non standard sizes – this offers the line “FIORE”.

Our instinctive aspire for femininity dictates us to be beautiful always and everywhere. Wearing pretty lingerie will help us show our beauty, will give us self confidence and uniqueness.

The company also provides branded swimwear "STARFISH" in a variety of colors and sizes.